Project Description


Macafit is a bespoke 30 minute workout.

The class lasts for JUST 30 minutes and uses a mixture of traditional bodyweight exercises which target the largest muscle groups for a high energy, effective and safe workout. It’s not a dance class or purely cardio, the exercises incorporated into a macafit class will give you a full body workout.

The classes will help you to improve your core strength, posture, balance and help you to lose weight and improve muscle definition. We often use various bits of kit like battle ropes, slam balls or viprs to maximise your training benefits.

All the exercises are explained and demonstrated, with different versions given to allow each exercise to be suitable for ALL fitness levels. The key to macafit is to give each class your maximum effort, this is not an endurance class and the main section lasts around 20 minutes, but with minimal rest periods. Classes are always different to ensure no one gets stuck in a rut!

It is the perfect class for those looking for a quick, effective workout to fit around their busy lives. Its also ideal for beginners or those returning to fitness as its short and can be tailored easily to your needs.