review1-compressor “I started my Lou Mac journey almost 2 years ago when the time had come to get back to myself after baby number 2. It can be very daunting joining any fitness classes when you are not feeling confident in your body and even your mindset, but I very quickly realised that Lou and everyone else in class were there to offer support, advice and some giggles along the way! Lou’s classes are for everyone; the variation of cardio and strength work has made my body stronger but also I am more determined to maintain it. Very quickly I was more clued up on nutrition, what exercise works for me and how I could make it my new ‘normal.’ It’s a great bunch of people to train with…….just never forget clean shoes only in The Gang Hut!”
– Lara Russell

post2 “Joining LMF for Group Private Training has changed the way I think about exercise and food. For me, it’s no longer about doing endless cardio classes expecting to see body-changing results, I know now that’s not how it works. It’s about strength, it’s about mixing up the routine, it’s about balance and it’s about what I’m putting into my body. Lou taught me that.
Lou is motivational – not just for the hour I’m in class, but for the week. She motivates you long after class has ended to push yourself harder and encourages you to achieve more than you thought you could. And that’s just exercise! Since joining Lou’s team, I have never eaten so much food – but it’s good, clean food – and I’m losing weight/inches!
The fact Lou has created a community is a testament to her – a group with whom we can share our recipes, post our exercise questions, look at what each other is having for dinner…the list goes on! Feeling you are part of something that fits with your goals and works for you – that’s what I love!”
– Paula Roach

post2 “I started at LMF fitness over 3 years ago having never been in any fitness class in my life. Lou has encouraged me to push limits to do things I would never have tried and also held me back when I needed to after surgery. LMF has become a huge part of my life and I didn’t realise how much until I was unable to train for a few months. LMF isn’t just about the classes, I now eat so much more good foods and feel better as a result. I have met lots of amazing people through my LMF journey who all inspire each other along the way. I have a busy family and work life but I make time for myself to go to class and have some me time which in turn benefits everyone in my world.”
– Kirsty Gear

post2 “I’ve been going to Lou Mac’s for a year now. There was no discipline to my training and I wanted to change that and a friend recommended I try Lou Mac’s. It’s been a great experience and has really helped build my core strength which is something I had ignored in the past with my training. The classes are numerous and varied and because Lou makes time to understand your needs and goals they become like tailor made classes for you each time. Everyone that goes is really welcoming and it doesn’t matter about your age, weight or ability.
I’ve just come back from a 3 month lay off due to a knee operation and Lou has made sure my recovery is planned and sensible. I cannot recommend Lou Mac highly enough.”
– Duncan Leask

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