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We have something to fit everyone’s goals and budget.



sacha“After many years of being out of the fitness industry I started training at Lou Mac Fitness. Not only did I get fitter but I regained my passion to teach again. I now cover classes for Lou when required and I love the banter and the enthusiasm from everyone at class. Always a smile!
I currently keep fit by training for events such as obstacle course racing and marathons and take part in Lou’s classes, so hopefully see you there!”
– Sacha Swanson, Level 2 Fitness Instructor – Metafit

mikey“My fitness career only started in 2015 but my passion and enthusiasm for fitness started way before then. I’ve been on the weight loss journey myself, weighing in at over 18 stone at my heaviest and did no activity at all…which is when my fitness journey really started and I’ve been on that journey ever since.
I feel with that experience, I can recognise and understand the needs of those coming to classes.
I cover MacaFit, MacaStrong and Core. And now I’m undertaking a mentorship programme with Fitness Scotland, I hope to bring a lot more to all classes!”
– Michael Anderson

post2 “I decided I was going to join Lou’s classes and was not looking forward to it. But Lou’s support as well as her food and fitness advice is great. Something I really needed and still need. It’s not a quick fix. Classes are loud and full of energy, alot like Lou. Lou is loud. So very very loud. So loud that you can still hear her later in the day. But it works. Be prepared to work hard but it’s worth it!”
– Evonne Parmley

post2 “Since joining LMF not only has Lou helped me change my body shape physically, but more importantly helped me change my mind set . Before LMF my diet consisted of the same 5 meals as I had a “fear” of trying any new foods and struggled to deal with different textures. Lou has went above and beyond to help me overcome theses fears and make me lead a much healthier lifestyle as a result. I used to always doubt my ability to complete different tasks, always saying “it’s to hard”, ” I’m not strong enough”, “I can’t do that”. But the positive energy from not only Lou but everyone in the gang hut has made me change my attitude when faced with new challenges. I don’t see LMF as just “a fitness” it’s a group of individuals who are all on different journeys but working together to achieve the same goal; a healthier and fitter lifestyle . It’s a way of life #oneteam”
– Kayleigh Clark

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